Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I had a stressful weekend. I spent Saturday in the office working on a major program that is to be launched in the plant next month. Considering that two days from now is already next month and the fact that I’m still working on its conceptual framework makes me a bit uneasy. In fact, I am in a state of anxiety.

Sunday started quite okay. I had my routine weekend run. You should know by now that a major run for me is anywhere between 20 to 25 kilometers of road running – that’s about 2 hours nonstop. It really helps if you had ample rest prior to running, say, 6 hours of sleep or more (but no more than 8!). Excessively long sleep retards charged muscles. On training day and just about an hour before you start, I recommend (though optional) taking a power gel/bar or dark chocolate (or drinking a glass of Extra Joss – equally powerful but a tad cheaper) and some oatmeal cookies – goodie-foodie stuff that will surely boost your energy level.

Completing my morning routine was a visit to the fitness club for a much needed power stretching and abdominal workout. And then lunch! Tomato smoothie, chicken vinaigrette salad and tuna pesto wrap. All from Chamba Juice – my favorite healthy stop at the Fort Strip in Fort Bonifacio Global City.

But everything went wrong when I sensed something was missing with what I was wearing - a Nike cross-training top whose whoosh was conspicuously absent from where it used to be. The whoosh was originally located mid-chest. Now, what could have happened? Apparently, the last time it was machine-washed, the rubberized whoosh detached itself from the shirt and disintegrated upon contact with the machine’s blades.

That top was barely a month old and I particularly liked it ‘coz the material was sweat-proof and it matched well with my Nadal-like ¾’s. I was about to explode with anger and was so tempted to throw expletives in the air (I sensed that a minute more would have me erupting with the ferocity of Vesuvius); however, I did the most sensible thing – dialed Nike Park in Greenbelt, where I bought the item, and complained.

The lady who answered was very accommodating and gracious. She asked me to bring the item back to the store and it’ll be replaced appropriately. True enough, after rummaging the backside for stocks, she handed me a brand-new shirt, of similar style, color and size. No questions asked, just submitting to the whims of a demanding customer who was temporarily displeased and now was beaming with pure delight like a child being given his first serving of ice cream, double Dutch.

What a commendable customer service! Nike Park rocks! It’s good to know that, nowadays, companies are becoming consumer-centric where the customer is recognized as the most important aspect of a business’s success or failure. Indeed, discerning customers have nothing to worry about, except when the item you fancy is out of size. Now, that’s a major disaster!


At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 5:13:00 PM, Blogger Baby Girl said...

di ko pa nababasa blog mo... nanggugulo lang ako! haha! where is my testimonial tarandato??? =)

At Thursday, December 08, 2005 4:20:00 PM, Blogger 321Fire said...

meron na diba??.. "uber cool..."

At Saturday, December 10, 2005 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Baby Girl said...

i want a sincere one! sige na gawan mo na ko! please!


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