Friday, October 14, 2005

A Fitting Finale to a Symphony of Quality

I got back from a 2-day official business trip having been chosen by Kraft along with two other colleagues as the company's representatives to the 17th National Quality Forum. The forum gathered CEOs, GMs, EVPs and practically all business acronyms one can think of. For the lesser mortals like us, we were officially branded as quality advocates and our official function was to sit (and listen- sometimes a hard thing to do on occasions such as this) as the gods spew fires on various quality improvement subjects. I'd rather not expound on it as I'd hate this bulletin becoming, to borrow a word from Sen. Santiago, highfalutin. Six Sigma, TRIZ, MAIDIC... technical jargons that make your head spin 360 degrees.

The icing to the cake, the scoop of vanilla ice cream to an apple tart, so to speak, was the finale: a superb performance by the San Miguel Master Chorale accompanied by the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra.

As the first note resounded, slowly at first then gradually growing into a fiery crescendo, I was instantly overwhelmed with inexplicable emotions. The chorale's repertoire has the power to transport the listener into a journey of melodious ecstasy. This is the kind of music that overwhelms you. It is music that penetrates your inner senses - beautiful, haunting and comforting music.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once said that "musical excellence is achieved when twenty individuals are talking at the same time, singing a perfect harmony." San Miguel Master Chorale just did that with its great command performance. It showed musical excellence as the group of incredibly soulful voices melted and swayed into a symphony of sheer perfection. The chorale's mastery of the craft and vast recital experience emerged through its impeccable interpretation of the challenging, quirky, upbeat and poignant scores masterfully arranged and composed by no less than Mr. C- Ryan Cayabyab.

Listening to a live performance from a world-renowned choral group was splendid. Theirs was not my kind of music as I'm more inclined to dance and electronica - stuff you hear and dance with in bars, club and lounges. However, watching them perform and truly grasping the essence of their music made me realize that music at its finest is one of the most beautiful and powerful creations of man. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to upload their compilation into my iPod - they certainly deserve a byte of space alongside my DJ Tiesto and DJ Bisturi compilations.


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