Friday, September 23, 2005

Losing (321)Fire

Suddenly I realized blog is becoming uncool. It’s plain suffocating boredom whenever I check That explains why I’ve no entries in the past week or so.

I don’t know what happened to demented. I guess it died down leaving embers of a colorful, crazy, manic, vulgar & profane existence. Everything is a distant past. Now you see fossilized pieces of shit (oops I’m back) sticking like popsicles. Hahaha.

Even my nightlife isn’t as hedonistic as say a month ago. No more nights of bacchanalian revelry. No more bar-hopping from here to there. Shit, life has come to an end for demented.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


my lucky number
an odd number for an odd person like me

Friday, September 09, 2005


Ich bin überglücklich!

über. A German word for "over" or "super". Pesteng yawa, ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang mga Germans ay may pagka-Bisaya gud. Aysus deputa nimo, pareho la ngay-an an mga Germans ug Bisaya, ay über na gud ini.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

a moving single

In A State
by Unkle
album: Never, Never, Land (2003)

My mind is in a state
'Cuz all I seem to do is tempt with fate
Well I try a real space
But all the world are crushing at the gate
This time...
This time...
Reality's struck me in between the eyes

My mind is in a state
'Cuz everything I miss it comes too late
So I try and disappear
But there is only one way out of here
This time...
This time...
Reality's struck me in between the eyes

My mind is in a state
But all I need to do is change my pace
And I know there's fear to face
But happiness is found in its embrace
This time...
This time...
This time...
This time...
This time...
This time...

demented says: Unkle's In A State is a brilliant, moving single. The trance-like melody lures the listener into a journey of emotions.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

fried eggs blue bacon and tomatoes

It was hell of a Friday. I couldn’t sleep. My body’s telling me it needed rest but I just couldn’t. Seeing through the entire day was terrible. Got my mind/body/soul/legs/arms/head/mouth buzzed with ideation stuff. Idea+Generation: solely for the creative technical geniuses that’s us.

I saw Juancho & Joan cigueing at the parking lot. Had coffee chats and a few cigs. They were raring to go out and kick ass. I tried to refuse but the two were just so persistent. My “I haven’t had sleep since Wednesday” script was blah blah blah to them. Fuck I needed more E. That’s energy airhead.

We went to Mylene’s place, got her off bed and headed to BGC for some Chamba smoothies. The girls had fruit mixes; Juancho mixed oreo, ovaltine and bananas. Yuck, tasted kid’s shit. Mine’s the usual tomato! I just looove tomato smoothie!!!!!!!

After a few slurps, we ended wackier than ever. Took a few (26 shots actually) of ourselves. Joan’s phone cam was a blast (her cum’s? i dunno but i guess it squirts but doesn’t blast). Hey Jo, wanna sell it for 2K??? OK we did some baraha weirdo stuff. I played manghuhula to the girls. They were giggly when I read the cards. Generic, the usual: “someone’s got a crush on you; you’re gonna end up in his arms, blah blah blogger boogers”. Hahaha. Crazy stuff.

Part II. Breakwater – CCP complex (cute crap pus)

This place used to be seedy -really really sleazy. I remember way way back (c. college years hahaha not days coz I stayed 5 YEARS in college); my friends would troop to this place and dig girls. Perverted losers shit. Those were the days of libido overdrive. Sex overdrive. Motel driveway. Boom (Was that a condom bursting?). Buntis! Oopss…

Juancho said BBQ’s really good there. WHAAAAAAAAAT? Did anyone mention BBQ? Fuck, OK, let’s hit it. I just love pork skewers. Ah OK, pork BBQs.

ang kuwento ng dahon ng bayabas at kamatis


Subject: [hubadnakatotohanan] ADULT CIRCUMCISION in QC, [ad for Filipinos only]

[Thanks to the Moderators...]

I have a doctor friend who offers affordable circumcision services for [both kids and] adults. I promised to promote his services through the internet:

Please email him at for appointments, inquiries and arrangements.

His clinic is located along Anonas St., Project 2, Quezon City.

Only for those interested.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

A potent K: the muse of death descends on America

Two weeks ago, Katrina, a powerful hurricane, lashed its might on the American Gulf Coast. Coming from Central Bahamas, Katrina veered toward the Americas- first Florida where it was initially classified as a Category 1 hurricane; it shifted winds over the Gulf of Mexico, finally veered north and west toward Mississippi and Louisiana where it grew strength to a mind-boggling category 5 hurricane with 160mph winds. In four days, America witnessed the wrath of nature.

Katrina left behind a trail of wreckage, streets and whole communities inundated by water, evacuees in arenas and coliseums, a death toll that is yet to be finalized and anarchy in affected areas such as New Orleans. One national guardsman likened what he saw to something out of the streets of Somalia. Chaos. Desperation. A scene reminiscent of a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Katrina left a nation in shock and a world in disbelief. Is this America? America, the ever so powerful nation; America who destroys nations with its military might; America who can wage war at any nation at any given time; and now you see an America in shambles, bowing to the might of nature.

European newspapers had a blast in their editorial. One London broadsheet described it as “the humbling of a superpower.”

I, and perhaps all Filipinos, sympathize with the Americans. We’ve been through it. We are always in it. Every year, the country lives through 15-20 typhoons of which 2 or 3 would become disastrous. How many Dinangs, Anings and Rosings have we seen? How many lives lost to them? Countless.

The Philippines, through the National Red Cross, is sending 25,000 USD in aid to America. Measly and symbolic it seems to a rich nation, but so much to a country in dire need of dollar reserves. On top of this, a 25-man humanitarian contingent is on its way and with it are our world-class doctors and nurses who are known as the most caring, kind and gentle health-providers.

Friday, September 02, 2005

> 20 FOUR

It’s 6:54.20PM. My Timex Ironman-Triathlon watch says so. I am still awake; up and kicking despite being sleepless for more than 24 hours. Wednesday was the last time I closed my eyes; decided to hit the sack; took a respite from this mundane world.